SD Box Lacrosse

SD Box Lacrosse is focused on providing the best authentic box experience to San Diego lacrosse players.  Our goal is to teach San Diego youth to play the game as it was originally intended.   While other clubs provide a hybrid field/box experience, SD Box Lacrosse provides the only US BOXLA sanctioned, true box lacrosse experience in the San Diego area. 

Many of today's best players at both the collegiate and professional levels played authentic box lacrosse as part of their training.  Why?  Because this fast paced game is played in a smaller, enclosed space, requiring players to focus on improving quick stick skills and team passing to succeed.  This authentic box lacrosse game should be part of every aspiring players training!

The SD Box Lacrosse programs are officially sanctioned by US BOXLA.  This means that all SD Box Lacrosse players, coaches and referees have received specific training on how to properly and safely play authentic box lacrosse.  In addition, our head SD Box Lacrosse coaches are former professional box lacrosse coaches who are excited to share their passion for this game with our players.

SD Box Lacrosse players can expect to receive top level, authentic training in a safe and fun environment.  Our programs are designed to include the following options for local players:

  • Recreational Play - our recreational game sessions for MS and HS girls and boys
  • Competitive League Play - connections with national and international competitive tournament play for girls and boys of all levels
  • Pick Up Game Play - players can show up and play at our facility on regularly scheduled pick up events - coaches are present to give some instruction as the players just have casual fun in the box
  • Camps/Clinic - focused on teaching and improving specific box lacrosse skills and strategies

Whether your goals as a player are to play competitively, learn the game of box lacrosse, or just improve your stick skills in the off season, SD Box Lacrosse is the best option for local lacrosse players. 

Come play the game of box lacrosse as it was meant to be played! 

About SD Box Lacrosse

Peninsula Family YMCA
4390 Valeta St. 
San Diego, CA 92107