SD Box Lacrosse

The US Box Lacrosse Association has over 7,000 players across 32 states playing the game safely and competitively in the USA.  When Box Lacrosse is played and taught correctly it is the very best way a player can improve their skills and become a better overall lacrosse player.  USBOXLA is the only organization in the USA to play and teach the game the same way they do in Canada.  The best players in the world all have played Box Lacrosse, from Casey Powell, to Paul Rabil, to John Grant Jr, to Gary Gait, these icons made their marks on our sport as both field and box players. Box is a wonderful, safe and highly skilled game and if it's not USBOXLA it's just not Box Lacrosse. 
SD Box Lacrosse is the only USBOXLA sanctioned program in the San Diego area.

Matt Brown 
University of Denver Associate Head Coach
2015 NCAA National Champion

Box lacrosse is the greatest game on earth.  What makes it great is the legitimacy of the game.  USBOXLA had done such an amazing job of integrating box lacrosse into the US market, without scarifying its legitimacy.  Rules, refs, skills sets and mentalities are what makes the game so beneficial and fun.  USBOXLA does not sell that out to get kids registered.  They do it right!  The SD Box Lacrosse program brings those USBOXLA principles to San Diego in an effort to provide the best box experience to their local community.

Colin Doyle

Captain, Toronto Rock, NLL

Multi-Season Champion Cup Winner and NLL MVP

Coming back to San Diego from WA, where Darius played Box Lacrosse in WA and Canada, I was worried he would not be able to continue to learn and play Box. We were very excited to learn there was SD Box where lacrosse players learn and experience a higher level of Box Lacrosse in San Diego! 
Box lacrosse is different from field lacrosse and SD Box is the best organization for players to learn authentic box lacrosse. There is no other place that offers this quality box leaning experience in San Diego. I am very pleased that my son can continue to grow and sharpen his box lacrosse skills! - Jordyn Stanley

I was totally surprised when I heard that they had box here in California. I always thought Box Lacrosse was just a Canadian sport. Box Lacrosse is very different than field lacrosse. It has more physical contact; it is faster paced; and the face offs are totally different. SD box teaches kids how to play authentic box lacrosse and the differences between the two. I feel like SD Box has changed a lot of field players' view of Box Lacrosse by the pick up games, the league play, and the tournaments. - Darius Stanley

I've previously played in multiple box lacrosse leagues around San Diego, but until I played for SD Box Lacrosse I had never experienced authentic, Canadian box lacrosse.  The unique combination of intense physical play and acquired finesse is something I've come to love and look forward to when I step in the box.  I now understand why college coaches are looking for players with Canadian box experience.   The idea of hybrid box is flawed because box skills can be applied to a field game but field skills should not be applied in the box.  I can't go back to the hybrid field-box style of play because it does not compare to the fun and competitive environment I found only at SD Box.  - Finn

I have been playing the game for 7 years now and have played in various leagues and played many variations of the game and have noticed that there is no comparison between authentic box lacrosse and any other kind of lacrosse. Box lacrosse is the way for every player to bring his game to the next level by learning to play in tight spaces and to drastically increase one's stick skills. SD Box Lacrosse has an incredibly experienced coaching staff that will help the player to learn the proper skills of the box lacrosse and help to increase a players "Lax IQ" to give them better decision making on the field and the ability to have a new understanding of the game. - Cavan