SD Box Lacrosse


US BOXLA is a non-profit organization founded by Shaydon Santos (12 year NLL veteran, Canadian National Team member and World Champion with the Rochester Knighhawks) and Matt Brown (former Denver University player and now their assistant coach) .  The goal of US BOXLA is to bring the Canadian box lacrosse game to the US, while preserving the integrity of the authentic box game.

US BOXLA has provided structure and conformity to box lacrosse programs across the nation.  All programs sanctioned by US BOXLA play by the same established rules based on the Canadian game.  This ensures consistency in the way the game is played in games and tournaments everywhere.  Additionally, this consistency helps to ensure the safety of the players in the box.    US Lacrosse membership does not cover authentic box lacrosse play, but US BOXLA membership does cover players and programs for game related injuries and events.

US BOXLA offers all of its members the opportunity to participate in their Player Academy training  so that all of their players understand the game.  This training is given by experienced box lacrosse players who have a passion for the game and who are excited to share their knowledge with youth players.  US BOXLA also certifies all coaches and referees that work for sanctioned programs.

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